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How Search Engine Optimized Content
Helps Your Website Get Higher Rankings

Find Out Why Web Page Content Is King
And What Every Site Needs For Top Search Listings

Why Web Copy Writing Is Unique

Writing sales copy for a website is requires techniques that are not used when designing and creating print copy writing. The content developed from web copywriting serves two very important functions. These are equally crucial to getting positive results from your website.

  1. The web copywriting must first address issues important to your site visitors. It must have a compelling message or people will not stay on your site. With strong relevant content directed to your target market, site visitors will spend time learning about what you offer.

  2. Web page text must be written to optimize your web site for search engines. Page titles and meta tags are only part of the search engine optimization copywriting effort. How your page is written and the optimization of targeted keywords and keyword phrases are also very important. Optimized web page content makes your website "visible" to search engines, and this makes your site easier for prospective customers to find..
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Keywords And Themes - Stick To One Main Topic For Every Page

Search engines now "rate" website pages on the appropirateness of your content - whether or not it is relevant. Relevant content is text that specifically relates to a theme for that page. Themes are determined by the title and key search terms used on your web page. Here's an example of the overall approach for proper content: If your web page is about "mortgages" stick to the topic and avoid discussing other issues. A good web page about mortgages will not include information on how to buy "boats", "cars", or "swimming pools."

Content Is King - Search Engine Optimized Content Is Even Better

Search engines use programs called "robots" (also called "spiders" or "crawlers") to gather information about your site. Thes search engine robots can "read" only text - not images, Flash files, javascript, php, asp and other file types associated with your website. Because text is so important to how your website will be viewed by search engines, webmasters now say, "Content is King." The content of your site will determine how well your site is listed in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization + Quality Copywriting = Top Search Rankings

A web page that is properly created with search engine optimization features key search terms near the beginning of the page text. And those terms will be repeated throughout the text message content. Also, your web page title, meta tags, and other specific "HTML programming" title tags, and image "alt" tags need to contain key search terms and phrases. All this must be done while creating a readable and interesting page for site visitors. To get the best search engine ranking possible, combine quality content copywriting with technical Search Engine Optimization.

What We Do To Make Your Site Appealing To Search Engines

At Power Web Writer we:

  • Search Engine Optimize each page for one primary key search term
  • Use analytic software to compare your site to competition
  • Write Search Engine friendly content message
  • Write "scannable" message copy for site visitors

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