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Your Plumbing Site Requires Quality Content!

First and foremost, get serious with titles, and opening comments. Stop using those old openings like "Welcome" and typical lines like "We've been in business for X number of years." Make your opening lines at least somewhat interesting. Often it helps to ask your readers if they are having problems. Point out the problems you are interested in helping solve. Attempt to get the reader to stop, think, and react.

Remember, your website is ad copy. Plumbing issues can be as simple as replacing a faucet or as seriously complex as replacing an entire home water main. Typically, the more expensive the plumbing service, the more words a web page will need to explain the service. Here's an example of a Vancovuer WA plumbing company that uses a quality text content mixed with images to help convert site visitors into customers.

Focus On A Theme

Use a main theme to focus on a primary topic. Remember to stay on topic throughout the entire web page as well; all the copy should contain a common thread. Straying from the original topic can dilute the message so keep on target. For example, if the plumbing web page is focused on water main pipe replacement the copy should discuss the advantages of replacement, how your service helps solve the problem, how you use top materials, how you complete work on time, how you stand by your work in the future, and a number of other positive points that answer the customer's questions. Use images that are also on topic to support your theme.

Stay Positive

Always be upbeat and enthusiastic in your web page messaging. Use the "Yes we can" style of writing in your text and aim at the positive results of your work and the benefits of your services. Avoid mentioning your competition, it makes you look petty. Comparisons can be used, but be careful, mentioning competition can draw attention away from your message! If at all possible phrase all content in the postive.

Put Site Visitors In The Spotlight

Keep the focus on your visitors by using the word "you." That puts them in the spotlight and makes them feel important. To them that translates to "Me!" so keep using "You" throughout the body of your content to keep the conversation personal. By focusing on your customer and benefits you will get the maximum emotional involvement for you message. You can always mention features, but add how these will benefit them to make their life more comfortable, it will look great, or some other benefit. Asking questions about benefits is really helpful, like: "Have you ever tried to replace a plumbing fixture and found that it cost too much time and money? Would you like a better solution for your plumbing installation?

Show Proof

Avoid boasting, because people simply will ignore claims like "we are the best". Offer proof and ratings and reviews. High quality testimonials and guarantees are always helpful. Images of your previous customers are the best way to get your testimonials front and center. Statistics prove human nature; it is simply easier to have others make the point that you are the best.

Move People To The Right Action

Be certain to include a call to action, like "Call us today" with your business phone number prominently displayed. Also, place either text or image or contact us form directly on the page so people can fill out a contact form quickly. Make you initial contact form short and easy. You can use a human validation like simple Captcha to prevent spamming, but avoid complex validations like multi image "Are you a human." Those are too complex for a local business.

Be Friendly And Business Like

Plumbing websites are "local", you rarely see an 800 number for a plumbing service. Make the content friendly, yet business like. Avoid slang and define technical terms. Also, if you will be using abbreviations, use the full term first to define the term.

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Not sure how to design, create, and implement website text content? We can help - We've created content for thousands of web pages over a number of years. Yes, we certainly work with plumbers and many other trades industries. Call us at 503-828-6268.


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Power Web Writer for Search Engine Optimization Services
Portland, Oregon, USA
Email: Contact Power Web Writer
Phone: 503-828-6268

Power Web Writer for Search Engine Optimization Services
Portland, Oregon, USA
Email: Contact Power Web Writer
Phone: 503-828-6268


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