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Search Engine Keywords And How They Impact Your Website And Portland Search Engine Optimization - Your, Google Ranking Keywords Explained By SEO Consultant - Portland Search Engine Optimization Company and SEO Company In Portland Explains Search Engine Keywords

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Search engine keywords are important - information from our Portland search engine optimization consultant shows how Google ranking is impacted by keywords.

Expert Portland Oregon SEO consultant shares information we use at Power We Writer search engine optimization company. Portland SEO company explains importance of keywords for better Google ranking.

Nice Site... But No Traffic?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, "Why doesn't Google rank my site?" It takes a lot of work and effort to get your website designed, developed and up and running. Now, you want it to perform for you - bring in prospective clients, promote your business, and make sales. However, if your future clients can't find your site, they'll become your competitors customers. Ouch!

The problem could be this: your website simply is not sending the proper information to the search engines. As a result - poor search engine ranking. Find out what search engines look for and how why the text and the individual words on your website are critical to site rankings and more site traffic.

The Key to Keywords - Search Engines

Search engines are sophisticated software programs designed to gather information about web sites and catalogue that information. Then search engines arrange long lists of the web site pages they catalogue. The lists result in what we refer to as "search engine ranking" or "search engine positioning." Search engines use the keyword search terms from your site to determine if your site has relevant and valuable information relating to an Internet browser search request.

If we divide the search engine software into three separate programs, we can get a better look at how they work.

Search Engine Keywords are critically important for top Google ranking. SEO Search Engine Marketing Consultant Shares The Secrets Of Keywords

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1. Spider software

The Spider software gathers information about web pages through a process referred to as "crawling" or "spidering." The spider program searches the web seeking new web pages to include in the search engine's catalogues of pages, called an "index."

The search engine spider doesn't physically crawl, nor does it "visit" web pages. It actually makes requests pages like you would when using your internet browser, like Internet Explorer or Firefox. When the the spider gathers a web page, it looks at them differently than when humans view a fully designed and colorful web page. The spider program only looks at text and the URL (the 'http://www.sitename.com') for the web page.

The spider program also looks for links to other pages so the spider can view more pages that contain more text, more URL's and more links.

Discover the importance of search engine keywords from Portland search engine optimization consultant. Get top Google ranking - Portland SEO consultant explains what you need to know about keywords. Our Portland search engine optimization company / SEO company Portland relies heavily on keyword research for top Google rankings.

2. Index software

The search engine Index software stores everything the spider software gathers. Basically the search engine index is a large database list of all the tex, URLs and links the spider locates. The index uses an "algorithm", or complex mathematical formula to create lists of words and words that are related to each other. The index algorithm analyses information from web pages and links for various types of word combinations. Then it assigns scores to this information so the search engine can determine how important a page would be to someone searching the web. This is how your web page receives its search engine ranking.

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3. Query software

The Query software is the viewable program you see in your browser software. When you start Google or Yahoo! or any other search engine. With Google, you open a page with a text box for entering words to search on. This is called a "search query." Although the results from a search query appear almost instantaneously, the query software is also very complex.

The search engine attempts to match your search words with the web pages that best match. The query software doesn't search the web - it only looks at the indexed pages, by checking its database records created by the index software. These index records are catalogued from the information the spider software finds on web pages.

The words people use when performing a search on Google, or other search engines, is the major factor in finding the results the search engine will display. These words are called "keywords." So, before a search engine can include your site in its index, you must develop your web pages with the proper keywords, so your site is "search engine friendly."

Start your search engine optimization program with search engine keywords research. Our Portland SEO company spends hours in search engine keywords research for top website optimization. Located in Portland Oregon, we specialize in finding important search engine keywords for best Google ranking.

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